Essential Jewellery Pieces for Your Collection

The must-have classics for your jewellery box foundation.

Jewellery provides that finishing touch to tie our outfits together. We don’t feel quite complete or "done" without it. Whether for a special occasion or day-to-day wear, jewellery is a fabulous way in which we express our personal style - and some pieces can also hold sentimental value. But what staples do you need have, or keep, in your collection? Most of us like a range of jewellery options, but it can be tricky to decide what is essential. Estée Lane is here to help with this list of must-have styles that every woman should own. These staples can be trusted to help tie your look together time and time again.

Classic Tennis Bracelet

Number one on our list is practical, stylish and oozing with elegance. Tennis bracelets instantly elevate a look - whether for a glamorous evening or as a sparkling addition to formal wear. Its timeless appeal establishes this piece as a true classic that will forever be iconic. Wear solo or stacked together with your other favourites.

Stud Earrings

They're every young girl's first pair of earrings for a reason. Safe, pretty, and reliable for any event; stud earrings will remain an essential accessory through the ages. A sparkling gem set on your favourite metal - perfect for everyday and fitting on special occasions too.

Gold Hoops

Women worldwide love gold hoops for their versatility. Have a trusty pair, or two, in your collection to go with you from casual chic to runway chic and everywhere in-between. They’ll provide an extra edge on those laid-back days or help level up your look for a fabulous night out. We usually go with smaller hoops for daytime wear, and adore larger, chunkier styles in the evening.

Pendant Necklace

There is a subtle power in a great pendant necklace. Add a feminine edge to that office shirt or use it to make a statement with your your dinner attire. The right pendant should be enough to catch they eye without overshadowing your look completely.


A Touch of Pearl

Pearls have long captivated celebrities and royalty alike, making them the jewellery of choice for embodying classic chic. A perfect accompaniment for formal wear, a pearl earrings or pair of earrings can also be trusted to elevate daily attire with their lustrous appeal. Estee Lane's modern, natural shaped pearl jewellery is hand-crafted with gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Statement Ring

The right statement ring will help polish your look in an unexpected way. It's a chance to elegantly express who you are and symbolise your style. Whether you go for a chunky, sculptural design or a ring set with dazzling stones, the choice is yours to express.